Friday, May 30, 2014, 11:45 AM

Weekly Wrap Up for May 26th

A super-busy week in Raleigh:

HB 1050 - Omnibus Tax Changes was signed by the Governor after the House concurred in the Senate changes. It is now Session Law 2014-3 and can be found here:
SB 786 - The Energy Modernization Act (Fracking) was ratified and presented to the Govenror for his signature. The final version of the bill is here:
The State Budget:  The Senate released its $21.2 billion spending plan and plans its first floor vote late Friday.  Senate Bill 744 can be viewed here: There is a Money Report which of budget adjustments which accompanies the bill:

Week Ahead:
SB 743 - NC Economic Development Partnership Modifications, introduced by Senator Brown (identical to HB 1031, Rep. Murry which we wrote about earlier), will likely be heard in the Senate Commerce Committee next week. The bill text is here:
The House will begin its version of the State Budget.
HB 1032 on Patent Trolling will is on the House Calendar for Monday night. The latest version of the bill is here:
HB 1101 and HB 1102 on Mechanics Liens are calendared in the House for Monday night. Latest verions are here:  and here:


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