Friday, June 27, 2014, 10:45 AM

Interesting Alliances, or not, in State Budget Negotiations

This week the House, in close collaboration with the Governor's Office, rolled out a "mini budget" bill that addressed some of the larger chunks of state spending and softened the House approach somewhat. The Senate balked, in part because they don't appreciate Governor McCrory's Budget Director, Art Pope and the House working as a team.

But Art Pope is a House man....

For those of you who haven't been watching Jones Street closely for the last 2 decades you may be surprised to learn that State Budget Director Art Pope and Former Representative Art Pope are one and the same! Art Pope filled the seat vacated by Chuck Neely when Neely decided to run for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2000, losing in a crowded field to Richard Vinroot. Pope decided not to seek re-election and Don Munford won that district. Don Munford later lost to Grier Martin. 2010 redistricting made a new downtown Raleigh district that put close friends and incumbents Grier Martin and Deborah Ross together in the same district so Martin decided not to run. Ross won re-election but later resigned for a job in the private sector, and Martin was appointed to fill the seat. So Grier Martin is Art Pope's legislator.

The Senate was not pleased to see the latest draft of Senate Bill 3 - 2014 Budget Modifications, Pay Raises and Other Changes which is the mini budget. You can view it here:


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