Monday, December 1, 2014, 11:10 AM

Last NC Law Changes of 2014 - just in time for the holidays

Although the NC General Assembly adjourned last summer it is customary to allow some laws that require lead time for implementation to go into effect on December 1st.  The following is a list of NC laws that are new today:

SB 399 - An Act to Amend the Constitution to provide that a person accused of any criminal offense in Superior Court for which the State is not seeking a sentence of death may waive the right to a trial by jury and instead be tried by a judge.
  • Section 4 given the approval of the constitutional amendment.

HB 1050 - Omnibus Tax Law Changes.
  • Section 14.27
  • Section 15.2(b)).

SB 786 - Energy Modernization Act (dealing with hydraulic fracturing).
  • G.S. 113-391.1(d) as enacted by Section 8(a)
  • G.S. 113-395.4(b) and G.S. 113-395.2(b) as enacted by Section 15(a)

HB 1025 - DOT / DMV Changes.
  • Section 10 regarding the authorization and penalty for ramp meters used for merging traffic ramps

SB 744 - Appropriations Act of 2014
  • Section 6.6 regarding changes related to the disposition of settlement funds
  • Section 17.1(gggg) regarding criminal record expunction notification requirements updating notification of SBI to notification of DPS
  • Section 18B-14 regarding charging a fee for private hospitals providing toxicology services for a prosecutorial district
  • Section 34.30(b)(c)(d)(f) regarding unmanned aircraft

HB 366 - NC Farm Act of 2014.
  • Section 10 adding agricultural facilities to first degree trespass
  • Section 11 requires written consent to operate an ATV on private property

HB 1133 - Technical Corrections
  • Section 23 makes it a crime to furnish a cell phone to an inmate

HB 369 - Criminal Law Changes
  • Section 1 regarding expunction law changes
  • Section 2 regarding conditional discharge and use of probation
  • Section 3 regarding possession of marijuana periphenalia
  • Section 5 regarding unlawfulness to provide cell phone to inmate or for inmate to possess cell phone
  • Section 6 regarding threatening a legislative or executive officer
  • Section 9 makes it legal for a detention officer to carry a weapon on school campus
  • Section 10 removes several counties from prohibiting minors' use of firearms such as BB guns and air rifles 
  • Section 12 increases the penalty for the second offense for carrying a concealed weapon that is a firearm

SB 734 - Regulatory Reform Act of 2014
  • Section 52 increases the penalty for removing a Venus Flytrap


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